GE Automation PAC8000 Network Interface Modules
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    • RJ45 copper or fiber optic connection
    • 14 I/O modules
    • 10-100Mbaud rate
    • 11 LED indicators
    • Machine edition V7.5
    • 24 I/O modules
    • 9.6kb to 6 Mbaud
    • RS-485
  • Modbus BIM:
    • 32 I/O modules
    • 1.2 to 115.2 kbaud
    • LAN redundancy
    • RS485/422
  • Ethernet BIM:
    • 32 I/O modules
    • BIM Redundancy
    • 10 to 100 Mbaud
    • LAN redundancy
    • RJ45

The GE Automation PAC8000 Network Interface Modules include PROFINET Bus Interface Modules and traditional bus interface modules. The PROFINET Bus Interface Modules allow connection of PAC8000 I/O to remote hosts via PROFINET. When used as remote I/O, PAC8000 nodes use a Bus Interface Module (BIM) to communicate with the host controller via a local area network (LAN). Different BIMs can be chosen to operate with specific LAN protocols. BIMs are supplied in a number of different package styles according to their function, and each mounts on a dedicated BIM Carrier.

GE Automation PAC8000 BIM Carriers
Each Bus Interface Module must be mounted on an appropriate BIM Carrier