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The CAL Controls CALGrafix software integrates a selection of functions within a single user interface. Its ability to configure controllers reduces installation time and provides greater control when cloning instrument settings. Up to 128 controllers can be set up, and profiles can be created with up to 126 segments or 31 programs. This software does not require programming skills to operate.

When used with the CAL Controls 9500P series temperature controller the software provides the ability to program stop, start, and hold functions. A click and drag graphical profile is available for the 9500P as well.

Typical applications for CALGrafix software include:

  • Environmental and test chambers
  • Plastic injection and extrusion machines
  • Ovens, autoclaves, furnaces, and kilns
  • Scientific research and testing
  • Food processing equipment
  • Metal and glass annealing
  • Material curing applications