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  • Measures both velocity and level
  • 0.1 to 20ft/sec velocity & 1in to 15ft head
  • Designed to shed deposits and stringers
  • 316SS, epoxy resin, & polyurethane exposed materials
  • Polyurethane jacket, shielded, 3-coaxial cable
    • 25, 50 or 100ft length
  • CSA rated Intrinsically Safe
    • Class I, Groups C,D,
    • Class II, Groups E,F,G w/ optional I.S. Barrier


The Greyline Instruments QZ02L-SS-SD submersible ultrasonic sensor continuously measures both velocity and level in the channel. The sensor is a completely sealed ultrasonic unit with no orifices or ports. It is hydrodynamically shaped and designed to shed deposits and stringers for reliable operation in sewage, stormwater and stream flow applications. The QZ02L sensor mounts inside the pipe or at the bottom of an open channel. No special compounds, tools or hardware are required for installation.