Fuji Electric PXF Series VMD Temperature Controllers
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Please be advised:
Any change to the input type, programmed in the field, requires power to be cycled before the controller will read properly.


  • Position feedback optional on the PXF5 & PXF9
  • Universal input
    • Thermocouple, RTD, voltage, current, mV
  • Improved input indication accuracy, up to ±0.2%
  • 0.1 to 99 second control cycle
  • PID controls with auto tuning
    • PID, 2-degrees-of-freedom PID, & fuzzy
  • Ramp soak function (simple program control)
    • 64 steps x 1 pattern
    • 32 steps x 2 patterns
    • 16 steps x 4 patterns
    • 8 steps x 8 patterns
  • Directly connect to a PC with optional USB cable
    • This will bus-power the unit

The Fuji Electric PXF VMD temperature controllers were developed as successors to the PXG. They are equipped with universal input for RTD, thermocouples, voltage, current, and mV. Switching the input is an easy parameter change.

The PXF series features highly accurate input indication:

  • RTD is ±0.2% of indication value ±1 digit or ±0.8°C ± 1 digit, whichever is larger
  • Thermocouple is the larger of ±1°C ±1 digit or ±0.3% of indicated value ±1 digit
  • Voltage and current are ±0.3% FS ± 1 digit
Fuji Electric PXF USB Loader Cable
Parameter loader interface cable for Fuji PXF series controllers
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Fuji Electric PXF Terminal Cover
Terminal cover for Fuji PXF series controllers
250 Ohm Precision Resistor
Shunt resistor for DC current input
RS-485 to USB Converter
Two-wire RS485 to USB converter