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The Fuji Electric PXF4 temperature controller was developed as a successor to the PXR4. It is equipped with multiple input and output options as well as sophisticated control functions making it suitable for a wide range of applications. You can use any input among RTD, thermocouples, voltage, current, and mV. Switching the input is an easy parameter change.

The PXF series features highly accurate input indication:

  • RTD is ±0.2% of indication value ±1 digit or ±0.8°C ± 1 digit, whichever is larger
  • Thermocouple is the larger of ±1°C ±1 digit or ±0.3% of indicated value ±1 digit
  • Voltage and current are ±0.3% FS ± 1 digit


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Calling for Heat but Nothing Happens - Loop Break?

The Background: Our customer is a manufacturer. The rough manufacturing environment frequently causes thermocouple failures requiring them to be changed fairly regularly. The thermocouples are replaced by different personnel, depending on the area in which the failure occurs.

The Problem: With so many people replacing the thermocouples, they are not always installed correctly sometimes causing the process value to indicate a temperature lower than it should. If this occurs in the upper end of the range, the heater cannot provide any more power. If the heater is on full power for a certain amount of time and the temperature no longer rises, the sensor installation must be checked creating downtime and additional expenses.

The Solution: We recommended a Fuji PXF4 which can trigger a digital output alarm if conditions are met. Loop detection time sets the time before detecting a broken loop. Loop detection range sets how much the temperature should be increasing in that amount of time. Control is maintained but the operators are notified that something may not be right.

Temperature Control of an Outdoor Molasses Storage Tank

The Background: Our customer is a livestock feed producer that uses molasses as an additive to some of its cattle feed to make it more appetizing.

The Problem: Regulating the temperature of the molasses is very important. If it’s too cold, the molasses won’t flow properly while high temperatures will result in an unwanted breakdown of the sugars.

The Solution: We recommended two Fuji Electric PXR4 temperature controllers with one used to control infrared heaters installed on the large, outdoor tank and the other to maintain the temperature of the heated supply line. J-type thermocouples provide the input to the controllers and each control loop has a single control relay output that gates AC voltage to the coil of a load handling device for each heater. Both control loops maintain a temperature of 40°F on cold days.