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  • Thermal conductivity
  • Mixture of gases containing: CO2, CH4, Ar, He, N2, H2 or Air
  • Selectable from 0-5 up to 0-100% measurement ranges
  • Touch screen display
  • 0.1% resolution
  • ±2% accuracy
  • IP66 rated enclosure
  • SIL2 Rated: Meets IEC61508 Requirements
  • ATEX, IECEx, TC TR Ex & cCSAUS certified hazardous areas

SIL2 Rated


Michell Instruments XTC601 Binary Gas Analyzer is designed to measure the percentage of a selected gas in a binary mix. Using thermal conductivity with high quality thermistors, the sensor is reliable and highly stable. The analyzer is housed in an explosion-proof case and is rated ATEX Cat II for use in hazardous areas. For installation in non-hazardous areas, a general purpose version is available.

Applications for the XTC601 include:

  • Hydrogen coolant in electricity turbines
  • Product quality in air separation plants
  • Syngas production
  • Helium recovery
  • Fuel cell research
  • Gasification
  • Product quality such as air in argon for double glazing
  • Can be coupled with an XTP601 for measuring oxygen in varying backgrounds
  • AR or HE in food and beverage plants