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  • Customized sample system designed for your specific application
  • Available for 3 area types:
    • General purpose install
    • Hazardous area install - Class 1 Div 2
    • Hazardous area install - ATEX & IECEx
  • Choice of gas types: Dusty, Misty and Heavy gas
  • 316 or 304 stainless steel plate or enclosure options
  • Optional heating and cooling solutions available
  • Analyzer not included


The Michell Instruments PS601 Sampling System is designed to help the XTP601 and XTC601 gas analyzers work under various process and environmental conditions. In order to get the best performance from the analyzers, the process conditions such as the temperature, pressure and flow rate of the gas have to be optimal. In addition, the sample gas must be devoid of particulates and moisture. Custom sample systems designed specifically for the application can enhance the accuracy and reliability of measurement as well as extending the life of the analyzers.

A sample system consists of pressure gauges, flow meters, filters, valves, stainless steel tubing, with optional heaters or coolers, all mounted on a plate or enclosed in a weatherproof enclosure. Additional options include material certification and engineering drawings for prior approval.

A completed application datasheet is always required to make sure that the sample system is well suited for the process and also meets the area classification requirements - general purpose or hazardous area.