Megger PSI-700 Phase Sequence Indicator



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  • Voltage: 90 to 700 V
  • Indicates A, B or C phase
  • Color coded 40 inch leads
  • No moving parts
  • Input: 50/60 hertz
  • Five lamps are provided

The Megger PSI-700 Phase Sequence Indicator is used to determine the phase sequence or phase rotation of a three-phase system. It will also detect and identify an open phase.

The Model PSI-700 is simple to use. The operator connects the leads to the system and a lamp will instantly indicate either ABC clockwise rotation or CBA counter-clockwise rotation. Three lamps will light to indicate that all phase voltages are present. Is a phase is open, only one lamp will light and identify the open phase.

Five lamps are provided and identified as to function. One indicates ABC clockwise rotation, one indicates CBA counter-clockwise rotation and three lamps are identified as A phase, B phase and C phase.

The PSI-700 has no moving parts, batteries or binding posts and does not require a power source. It is housed in a rugged, insulated enclosure which is easily hand-held.