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Macnaught MX Series pulsers are blind pulse outputs compatible with all Macnaught MX Series flow meters. MX series meters are equipped with modular process connections which provide the flexibility to allow users to easily interchange, maintain and upgrade their systems in an efficient manner.

There are three models of the MX Series pulser:

  • MXD-AS is a standard pulser module that provides Reed and Hall Effect switch outputs. It has polypropylene housing that is IP67 rated. The maximum temperature is 120˚C.
  • MXD-BS is an intrinsically safe (Ex ia) NPN open collector approved for use in hazardous areas. Approvals include ATEX, IECEx, CSA and FM. The MXD-BS also has IP67 rated housing and is for use with temperatures up to 85˚C.
  • MXD-TS is a high temperature NPN Open Collector suitable for use with temperatures up to 150˚C. It has IP67 rated housing.

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