RAE Systems Replacement Sensors
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  • Over 25 interchangeable sensor options
    • Photoionization detector (PID) for monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) combustible sensor
    • A complete suite of electrochemical sensors, including CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, HCN, PH3, and NH3
  • Intelligent sensors store calibration data, so they can be swapped in the field

This product is an accessory for the following products:

RAE Systems MultiRAE Benzene Gas Monitor
Wireless portable multi-gas monitor with Benzene-specific measurement
RAE Systems MultiRAE Gas Monitor
Portable Six-Gas Monitor with Advanced VOC Detection Capability and wireless capability
RAE Systems MultiRAE Lite Gas Monitor
One-to-six-gas monitoring solution with pumped and diffusion versions as well as wireless capability
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RAE Systems MultiRAE Pro Gas Monitor
Portable, wireless capable multi-threat monitor for radiation and chemical detection
RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro CO2 Monitor
Wireless capable monitor promptly detects and accurately monitors Carbon Dioxide in concentrations from 0 to 50,000ppm
RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro LEL Monitor
Wireless capable monitor detects and monitors explosives and combustibles in concentrations from 0 to 100% of the lower explosive limit
RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro PID Monitor
Wireless capable PID monitor promptly detects and accurately monitors over 300 VOCs
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RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro Single Gas Monitor
Personal, wireless capable single gas monitor is compatible with 20 intelligent sensors covering a wide range of toxic gases

RAE Systems replacement sensors are intelligent, interchangeable, field-replaceable sensors which include PID for VOCs, electrochemical sensors for toxic gases and oxygen, combustible LEL and NDIR sensors, and a CO2 NDIR sensor.

RAE Systems replacement sensors are for the MultiRAE and ToxiRAE families of gas monitors. Not all sensors are compatible with each of the gas monitors. Please refer to product information or contact us to be sure you are ordering the correct sensor.