• 4–20 mA loop-powered
  • Operating range to 39ft (12m)
  • Accrucay:
    • ±0.1" (2.5 mm) for less than 3.3ft measurements
    • ±0.25% for over 3.3ft measurements
  • Sealed rugged UPVC housing
  • Corrosion resistant PVDF wetted material
  • Simple set-up and operation
  • Minimal maintenance after installed
  • Low cost of installation and commissioning
  • Automatic temperature compensation


The Rosemount 3107 / 3108 Ultrasonic Level and Flow Transmitters are based on ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic pulse signals are transmitted and reflected from the liquid surface. The transmitter ‘listens' for reflected signals (echoes) and measures the time-delay between transmitting and receiving. The distance to the liquid surface is automatically calculated using the computed time-delay. The level measurement (Bottom Reference minus Distance) is sent through the 4–20 mA and HART output.

The 3107 has an integrated sensor for automatically compensating the Distance for temperature effects.

The 3108 has a factory fitted remote temperature sensor to continuously measure the air temperature around the transmitter. It then computes the speed of sound in air, automatically compensating Distance for temperature effects.

Applications for the Rosemount 3107 / 3108 Ultrasonic Level and Flow Transmitters include:

  • Storage tank levels
  • Open channel flow
  • Effluent pits
  • Reservoir level
  • Buffer tanks
  • Filter bed level