• Simultaneous input and output
  • 14 types of RTD
  • 13 types of TC
  • 0 to 24mA DC current
  • 0 to 20 VDC voltage
  • 0 to 10 Khz frequency
  • 5 to 4000 Ohm resistance
  • Pulse train output
  • 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C) operating temp
  • Fuseless protection
  • Full numerical keypad


The Ametek ASC321 Signal Calibrator is a full documenting calibrator, using predefined work orders from JOFRACAL. This ensures easy documentation and reduces the possibilities for errors when calibrating in the field.

The ASC series does more than just calibrate signals. Combined with the APM external pressure module or a JOFRA dry block calibrator, an ASC will calibrate pressure and temperature and, if used together with JOFRACAL, document it as well. For workshop use a DC power supply/charger is available.

The full numerical keypad, series of function keys and cursor keys, provide a simple and quick user interface. The new ClearBrite™ graphical display offers the best possible viewing.

The high accuracy of the ASC series has not been achieved on account of fragile measurements or source circuitry, both the ASC301 & ASC321 have fuseless protection – this might save you a calibrator, as well as lowers your cost of ownership.

Ametek ASC321 Signal Calibrators Include Standard:

  • Battery set (4 x AA)
  • Manual
  • RS232 cable and JOFRACAL
  • 2 sets of test leads
  • Soft case
  • NIST traceable certificate