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  • -4 to 600°F (-20 to 316°C) combustion air temp range
  • -4 to 1202°F (-20 to 650°C) flue gas temp range
  • 0 to 20.9% oxygen measurement range
  • 0 to 4000ppm carbon monoxide measurement range
  • ±40inWC (10mBAR) draft/differential pressure
  • 0.1 to 100% combustion efficiency
  • 9 user-selectable fuels
    • Natural gas, oil #2, oil #4, oil #6, propane, coal, wood, kerosene, and B5 (+2 custom)
  • Includes innovative Tune-Rite software for more thorough and efficient testing
  • EN 50270 approval
  • CE mark

What's in the Box

  • Probe
  • Spare filters
  • Protective rubber boot
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Hard carrying case

The Bacharach Fyrite INSIGHT Plus Combustion Analyzer is the next-generation residential and commercial combustion analyzer featuring enhanced features and intuitive operation. This lightweight, American-made hand-held analyzer uses advanced technology to accurately measure, analyze and report test results to validate safe operation, install more efficient systems and save customers' money. With its easy to use Fyrite User Software and exclusive B-Smart CO sensor, the Fyrite INSIGHT Plus enables technicians and HVAC/R service representatives to upgrade software or install pre-calibrated sensors right in the field to avoid costly downtime and inconvenience.

The Fyrite INSIGHT Plus is a five-in-one steady state combustion analyzer that includes a room air CO test instrument, a flue gas CO tester, dual channel digital thermometer (up to 999°F), and a digital manometer (which measures draft, gas pressure, ESP, and up to ±40inWC).

Capable of providing up to 100 combustion, pressure and temperature records, the Fyrite INSIGHT Plus also can display measurement results instantly for up to ten different fuels on its full-color backlit LCD display. In addition, specific information can also be downloaded to a PC or printed via an infrared printer.

The Fyrite INSIGHT Plus includes the innovative Tune-Rite software, the industry's first-ever on-demand HVAC "assistant," it helps both new and seasoned technicians save money by making more thorough and efficient service calls.

*Please note that while the main unit is made in the USA, if you select the reporting kit option, the printer is from Korea.


Bacharach Fyrite INSIGHT Plus Replacement Sensors
Carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2) sensor replacements for the Bacharach INSIGHT Plus combustion analyzer
Bacharach 0024-0788 O2 Sensor
Replacement O2 Sensor for Bacharach INSIGHT Plus and PCA3 Combustion Analyzers
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Bacharach B-Smart Sensor Exchange Program for the INSIGHT Plus
Pre-calibrated carbon monoxide (CO) sensor exchange program for a 2 year period, choice of 6 or 12 month intervals


Please consider these optional accessories.

Bacharach Fyrite INSIGHT Plus Reporting Kit
IrDA printer, USB cable and FUS software for the Fyrite INSIGHT Plus combustion analyzer
Bacharach IrDA Printer
IrDA Printer w/Disposable Batteries
Bacharach Printer Paper
Spare printer paper for IRDA printer (5 rolls)
Bacharach Primary Air Thermocouple
10ft (3.05m) combustion air temperature thermocouple
Bacharach Ambient Air Thermocouple
1 inch thermocouple for ambient air temperature
Bacharach AC Power Adapter
120-240V mini-USB to wall AC power adapter for the INSIGHT Plus
Bacharach Filter Elements
Replacement filter elements for water trap assemblies (pack of 3)
In Stock
Bacharach Replacement Probe Assembly
Replacement probe & hose assembly w/sample, draft & thermocouple lines for Bacharach combustion analyzers
Bacharach Water Trap Assembly
Replacement water trap assembly for Bacharach combustion meters
Bacharach 0024-1421 O2 Sensor Cap
INSIGHT Plus O2 Sensor Cap (includes gasket)
Bacharach Fyrite User Software CD
Used with instruments that provide automatic combustion test data logging


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