Isotech milliK Precision Thermometer



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  • Temperature range: -454 to 3308°F (-270 to 1820°C)
  • Accuracy:
    • SPRTs / PRTs; 5 ppm
    • Thermocouples; 2 µV
    • Thermistors; 50 ppm
    • 4-20mA; ±0.005%
  • Massive logging capacity – controls dry blocks and liquid baths
  • Used in the laboratory, test room or out in the field
  • Display in °C, °F, K, Ohms, mV and mA with numeric and graphical display modes
  • Display min / max, peak to peak and standard deviation
  • Full color graphical display
  • Store up to 180 days of measurements
  • Can control Isotech calibration baths
  • 4 AA batteries or universal power supply

The Isotech milliK Precision Thermometer sets a new standard for the high accuracy measurement and calibration of Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Thermistors, Thermocouple and Process Instrumentation (4-20mA) over the range -270°C to 1820°C.

In addition to low uncertainty measurements from Reference Standards and Industrial sensor measurement the milliK can control Isotech temperature sources, sequencing through a programmable list of temperature set points and log data to internal memory or a USB drive.

The milliK forms the hub of a measurement system, reading SPRTs, RTDs, Thermistors, Thermocouples and 4-20mA current inputs with the option to control calibration baths and log readings accurately.


Isotech 931-22-102 Carrying Case
Carrying case for the milliK Precision Thermometer


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