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  • Temperature range 32 to 2912°F (0 to 1600°C)
  • Premium grade wire
  • Gas-tight assembly
  • Types R and S available
  • No intermediate junctions
  • Removeable inner assembly
  • 5min response time


The Isotech Model 1600 Thermocouple is comprised of a 7mm x 300mm or 600mm gas tight 99.7% recrystallized alumina sheath, inside which is a 2.5mm diameter twin-bore tube holding the thermocouple. The covered noble metal thermocouple wire connects the measuring sheath to the reference sheath, which is a 4.5mm x 150mm stainless steel sheath suitable for referencing in a 0°C reference system. Two thermoelectrically free multistrand copper wires (teflon-coated) connect the thermocouple to the voltage measuring device.