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  • Measuring Range
    • 0 to 14 pH
    • ±500 mV to ±2000 mV
  • Sensitivity
    • 0.001 pH to 0.01pH
    • 0.1 mV ORP
  • Stability (non-cumulative)
    • 0.03 pH per day
    • 2 mV per day ORP
  • 10 ft/sec (3 m/sec) flow rate
  • 23 to 203°F (-5 to 95°C) temp limit
  • 100 PSIG at 65°C pressure limit
  • Replaceable salt bridge
  • GLI (Great Lakes Instruments) Conversion Chart


The AquaMetrix 60/65 series differential pH / ORP sensors are dependable industrial grade sensors designed to provide accurate measurement and longer service life under the most demanding conditions. Some features of these probes include: differential measurement technology, replaceable salt bridge and encapsulated preamp.

The AquaMetrix 60/65 series differential pH / ORP sensors incorporate all the benefits of differential measurement field proven in thousands of installations. This technique uses two glass electrodes to make the measurement differentially with respect to a third metal electrode. The domed glass process electrode is specially designed for tough applications. The second electrode is immersed in a pH 7 buffer encapsulated in the probe.

This second electrode is protected from the process by a double junction replaceable salt bridge. The resulting true differential measurement has several advantages over conventional probes: ground loop problems are virtually eliminated, and the salt bridge is easily replaced.

If the internal solution becomes contaminated, the probe can be rejuvenated at modest cost by replacing the salt bridge and reference solution. Automatic temperature compensation is accomplished through the use of a thermistor at the tip of the probe. This thermistor placement provides rapid response for process temperature variations.

The encapsulated preamplifier provides an output signal which can be transmitted 3000 feet over inexpensive cable. Another version encapsulates a blind 4-20 mA two wire transmitter which can transmit a virtually unlimited distance over a twisted pair cable. (See P/R65 data sheet).

Applications for AquaMetrix 60/65 Series Differential pH / ORP Sensors

  • Process Control
  • Industrial and Municipal Water Treatment
  • Industrial and Municipal Waste Treatment and Neutralization
  • Fume Scrubbers
  • Plating
  • Circuit Board Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Chemical Processing
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Pharmaceutical Industry


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