AquaMetrix has been producing great products for over five decades. They have grown into a worldwide maker of water quality instrumentation that is known for working in environments where nothing else works. Aquametrix has manufactured all their products in the United States since 2010. read more

The Aquametrix differential pH and ORP probes are found in the most hostile processes in industry. Where other sensors typically last months the P60 line sensor lasts years. Three series of conductivity sensors cover any application from ultra-pure to brine solutions. The P91 dissolved oxygen sensor has been installed in thousands of installations worldwide. Shark analyzers exemplify the Aquametrix reputation for simplicity and durability.

The Shark controller and Shark TX handle a pH, ORP, conductivity or flow sensor with a simple menu change and comes complete for NEMA 4X operation with no added costs. Under Water Analytics ownership, a steady stream of improvements have made existing products even better, while a suite of new products have been rolling out to supply more options to the water treatment industry.

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AquaMetrix 60 Series Differential pH / ORP Sensors
Accurate differential measurement with encapsulated preamplifier, transmits up to 3000 feet
AquaMetrix Model ES-5 Series Conductivity Sensors
Loop powered 4-20 direct output toroidal conductivity sensor, low maintenance, reduced cleaning requirements
AquaMetrix AM-FCL Chlorine Sensor
Loop powered 4-20 direct output free chlorine sensor, 2 electrode amperometric design
AquaMetrix 2250 Series Flow Controller
pH, ORP, conductivity & flow parameters available, three control relays for rising or falling processes, easy calibration
AquaMetrix 2300 Input Controller
Multi-parameter 4-20 mA input controller, input for four 4-20 mA sensors of any kind in any combination
AquaMetrix AS Series Conductivity Probes
Flow-through or submersible sensors, CPVC shell encapsulated with high temperature epoxy
AquaMetrix AM Series Conductivity Probes
Variable insertion with 316 stainless steel electrodes for flow through or submersible applications
AquaMetrix 500 Series Combination pH / ORP Sensors
Single junction industrial combination pH or ORP probes, flow through or submersion mountable
AquaMetrix AM-ODO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Analog output, optical dissolved oxygen sensor, CPVC construction
AquaMetrix ES Electrodeless Conductivity Sensor
Toroidal conductivity sensor, polypropylene body with convertible style fitting
AquaMetrix AM-SBK-8 Salt Bridge Kit
Salt bridge kit with kynar junctions, for -8 body type probes, 3 pack
AquaMetrix AM-TEE Flow Through Assembly
2 inch union tee with adapter for differential pH/ORP flow through applications
AquaMetrix 60 Series Submersion Hardware
Mounting kit for -R8 and -C5 series differential pH/ORP probes
AquaMetrix pH / ORP Calibration Standards
Buffer solutions for pH and ORP applications
AquaMetrix AM-SBK-567 Salt Bridge Kit
Salt bridge kit with ceramic junctions (3 pack) for -5/6/7 series probes
AquaMetrix Electrode Protector
Electrode shroud protection for submersion of 8 (1.5in) or 5 (1in) series sensor
AquaMetrix JB1 Junction Box
NEMA 4X junction box with integrated terminal strip
AquaMetrix AM-CBL60 Extension Cable
Extension cable for 60 Series
AquaMetrix AM-SBK-R5 Salt Bridge Kit
Salt bridge kit (3 pack) for R5-series sensors
AquaMetrix 2300-WALL-ENCL NEMA 4X Enclosure
NEMA 4X enclosure for wall mounting including mounting
AquaMetrix AM-CBL65 Extension Cable
Extension cable for 65 Series
AquaMetrix Jet Cleaner
Jet cleaner for 8 (1.5in) or 5 (1in) series sensor, requires water or air supply
AquaMetrix AM-SFL-8 Sanitary Flange
AquaMetrix AM-SFL-5 Sanitary Flange