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  • Gauge, differential, absolute, and vacuum references available
  • Imperial and metric ranges for use without conversions
  • Cast aluminium housing
  • Compatible with AMC910, ASC300/ASC301, and APC/HPC calibrators
  • Self contained intelligent module
  • Engineered for laboratory or field use
  • RS232 communication interface
  • Operating temperature:/14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
  • IP54 protection rated

The Ametek JOFRA APM Mk II 2nd generation of pressure modules offers the functionality and flexibility needed to perform pressure calibrations with your multi-purpose or multifunction signal calibrator. Expand the ranges to meet all of your pressure calibration applications by using APM modules.

The APM series of pressure modules are compatible with current AMC910, ASC300, ASC301 or HPC calibrators, and the former AMC900 and APC calibrators. The pressure model span across a wide pressure range and are available for all pressure types. From vacuum to absolute pressure, AMETEK covers any application with the pressure modules to meet your calibration needs.

These rugged modules are engineered for in-plant, field, or laboratory use. They are ready-to-use with the JOFRA calibrators and the protocol allows for immediate recognition and use of the module once it is connected to the calibrator.

The APM Mk.II is temperature compensated from 0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F for on-site operation. It is a truly superior pressure module for laboratory and field use, bringing laboratory accuracy into the field.

When combined with the calibrators and pump systems these modules makes powerful calibration tools. And, it is always possible to add modules as the calibration needs changes.

Ships complete with:

  • Pressure Module
  • Adapter fitting for NPT and BSP threads
  • Communication cable (integrated)
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate in Bar, Pa and PS


Ametek 125106 Carrying Case
Carrying Case for APM applications without cut-outs


Please consider these optional accessories.

Ametek 124673 Carrying Case
Carrying Case for APM applications without cut-outs