• +/- 0.3% accuracy
  • 2-steps auto-tuning control function
  • Temperature, voltage and current inputs
  • Alarm outputs
  • PV transmission output
  • RS485 output
  • Displays decimal for analog input


Autonics PID temperature controller TZ realizes ±0.3% high display accuracy by F.S value of each input. The series also supports various functions including 2-step auto tuning control function, diverse sub-output function; in addition, 13 kinds of multi-input function which makes temperature sensors, voltage and current input possible is also embodied in order to guarantee better user convenience.

  • Dual PID auto tuning function: High-speed response of PID control to reach to the desired value fast, low-speed of response of PID control to minimize the overshoot even though response is a little bit slow.
  • High display accuracy: ±0.3%(by F.S value of each input.)
  • 2-Steps auto tuning control function.
  • Multi-input function (13 kinds of multi-input selection function): Temperature sensor, voltage and current selection function.
  • Various sub output function: Includes in LBA, SBA, 7kinds of alarm output and 4 kinds of alarm option function, PV value transmission output(4-20mADC), RS485 communication output.
  • Display the decimal point for analog input.


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