• 0 to 600 A RMS
  • True RMS AC measurements
  • Self-contained, no exposed connections
  • Overload indication
  • Optically isolated USB 2.0 output (cable included)
  • One button operation
  • Alarm function
  • 5 LED indicators quickly and clearly display logger status
  • Includes FREE DataView software for data storage, real-time display, analysis and report generation
  • USB cable included
  • 300 V Cat IV, 600 V CAT III

What's in the Box

  • Type A to 5-pin mini-B USB 2M cable
  • DataView software CD
  • Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries
  • Manual


The AEMC Simple Logger II CL601 is a battery-powered, one-channel, clamp-on AC current data logger. Line tracking is performed such that 64 samples over one line cycle are taken. Frequency tracking is performed over the range of ±2Hz around the nominal line frequency (50 or 60 Hz). Harmonic measurements are calculated from these 64 samples.

The The AEMC Simple Logger II TRMS Model CL601 records TRMS at a rate of up to eight times per second. The measurement process is performed not more than eight times per second. TRMS calculations are performed on a single line cycle. This means that the input(s) are ignored between measurement intervals. The main advantage of the logger is its ability to perform a variety of recording tasks with easy and intuitive setup from a computer using DataView software.

DataView application software is included, providing real-time viewing of measurement data even while recording. Instrument configuration, data storage and report generation from pre-defined templates or operator custom designed templates are also standard features. Several data loggers can be synchronized to record at the same time intervals using DataView as well.