• Accuracy to ±0.04% Full Scale
  • User selectable automated pressure generation profiles with up to 101 calibration points
  • True low range dual reference pressure sensors
  • Control stability and precision to 0.0002 inH2O
  • True differential pressure generation
  • Selectable pressure units: inH2O, Pa, kPa, mbar, cmH2O
  • PDA user interface, capable of storing thousands of Units Under Test (UUT) data files
  • Auto zero pressure “tare” function
  • Micro-stepping pressure control capable of precise generation and pressure control
  • Portable, battery powered system, capable of full operation for 8 hours
  • Strip chart capability for troubleshooting leak and drift conditions
  • Closed loop pressure control which is immune to the effects of ambient pressure perturbations

The Setra Micro-Cal 869 is an ultra-low pressure generating and documenting calibrator specifically designed and optimized for air handling processes in critical environments that require portable, high accuracy and low-pressure documenting calibration to certify pressure needs. The Micro-Cal 869 offers true low range dual reference sensors with NIST traceability to provide the maximum accuracy, repeatability and resolution.

The Micro-Cal 869 ultra-low-pressure calibrator utilizes low pressure generating technology developed by NASA to achieve ±0.0002 inH2O low pressure regulation and accuracies to ±0.04%. Traditional laboratory bench top calibrators lack the precision and accuracy of The Micro-Cal 869 and require at least one full hour to run calibration checks on one unit. To correctly perform on-site tests, many of these basic units need multiple components, such as pressure indicators and generators, voltage and current meters, and data loggers. The self-contained Micro-Cal 869 is portable, lightweight and compact. Calibrations can be performed in as little as 5 minutes per unit, saving the user time and service/installation costs.

Control and display of the Micro-Cal 869 is via an included handheld PDA device which provides a familiar, computer interface and an upgrade path for future developments.