Badger Meter RCDL Totalizer
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  • 6 digit non-resettable totalizer
  • Temperature Ratings
    • RCDL disc, OP and turbo: Standard 120°F, Optional 250°F
    • Industrial Turbo: 250°F

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The Badger Meter RCDL is a well proven basic totalizer used for inventory and process control where totalization is the only functional need of the product.

The model RCDL register is available on RCDL disc meters and Industrial Turbo meters. The standard RCDL Register for the RCDL disc meters is designed for metering liquids up to 120°F and is available in several units of measure. On the Industrial Turbo meters, the register is designed to meter liquids up to 250°F. These higher temperature units are available in U.S. gallons for both style meters, liters for disc meters, and cubic meters for Industrial Turbo meters. If the higher temperature register is selected for use on the RCDL disc meter, the appropriate higher temperature rated disc meter option must be used.

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Badger Meter RCDL Turbo (+$16.00)
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Totalizer Model
Standard temperature (120°F)
$38.00 1

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