Badger Meter PFT-1E & PFT-4E Signal Transmitters
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  • Sensor will withstand fluid temperatures to 250° F
  • Solid-state circuitry for long life
  • Fast calibration with (4) rotary switches
  • LED indicator for visual pulse detection
  • Optically isolated outputs prevent false counts
  • Field retrofit available
  • Rugged, high impact resistant housing
  • Corrosion proof protection
  • Water tight NEMA 4X Rating
  • Remote mounting available

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The Badger Meter PFT-1E and PFT-4E are electronic scalable pulse transmitters with AC/DC inputs and outputs. These electronic transmitters can be scaled to almost any pulse rate, allowing recalibration by resetting the scale factor with four rotary switches. The PFT-1E transmitter can be calibrated for use with different size meters simply by re-setting the rotary switches.

The Badger Meter PFT-1E and PFT-4E are designed for totalizing, rate calculation or batching through direct input into a totalizer, pre-set counter or process controller which does not have scaling capabilities.

The PFT-1E is for use with Badger Meter disc and OP flow meters while the PFT-4E is used with the Badger Meter industrial turbo flow meters.