• Sizes
    • Flanged: 1/4” (0.02 to 5 gpm) to 54” (980 to 292,700 gpm)
    • Wafer: 1" (0.24 to 80 gpm) to 4" (4.0 to 1292 gpm)
    • Sanitary: 3/8" (0.034 to 11.4 gpm) to 4" (4.0 to 1292 gpm)
  • Accuracy: ±0.25
  • Accuracy independent of fluid viscosity, density and temperature
  • Uni-directional or Bi-directional flow
  • Power supply: 85-265 VAC/ 24 VDC/ 9-32 VDC
  • AMR- and SCADA-ready outputs
  • Minimum conductivity: ≥0.5 microhos/cm
  • Large 4-line x 16-character backlit LCD display
  • Pulsed DC magnetic field for zero point stability
  • No pressure loss for low operational costs
  • Corrosion resistant liners for long life
  • Integral and remote signal converter availability
  • Optional grounding rings or grounding electrode
  • Measurement largely independent of flow profile


The Badger Meter Magnetoflow series of electromagnetic flow meters combines a flow detector with a Primo flow amplifier, creating a versatile, user-friendly flow metering system for general purpose applications. Electromagnetic flow meters have inherent advantages over other flow technologies and can accurately meter liquids that are highly corrosive, very viscous, contain a moderate amount of solids or require special handling. The Magnetoflow broadens this advantage by including three meter styles: flanged, wafer and sanitary; making the Magnetoflow suitable for nearly any industrial flow application especially water, wastewater, bi-directional, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage applications.

The Badger Meter Magnetoflow flow detector-- which includes the flow tube, isolating liner and measuring electrodes-- is available in sizes from 1/4" (0.02 to 5 gpm) to 54" (980 to 292,700 gpm) for the flanged model. The wafer model is available in sizes from 1" (0.24 to 80 gpm) to 4" (4.0 to 1292 gpm) while the sanitary model is available in sizes from 3/8" (0.034 to 11.4 gpm) to 4" (4.0 to 1292 gpm). Designed, developed and manufactured under strict quality standards, the Magnetoflow detector has no parts in the flow stream resulting in no pressure loss. Also, accuracy is not affected by temperature, pressure, viscosity, density or flow profile. With no moving parts there is practically no maintenance required. A wide selection of liner and electrode materials helps ensure maximum compatibility and minimum maintenance over a long operating period.

The Badger Meter Magnetoflow Primo flow amplifier-- which is the electronic device responsible for the signal processing, flow calculation, display and output signals-- features sophisticated, processor-based signal conversion with accuracies of ±0.25%. The amplifier includes programmable and scalable analog outputs, configurable digital, pulse outputs and frequency output. Flow data and programmable parameters as well as diagnostic messages are displayed on the backlit 4-line x 16-character LCD. The display also serves to guide users through the simple programming routines. The amplifier can be either meter or remote mounted.