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  • Air Velocity:
    • Range: 40 to 7800 FPM / 0.2 to 40 m/s (Probe AP275)
    • Range: 60 to 6800 FPM / 0.3 to 35 m/s (Probe AP100)
    • Accuracy: ±1.0% of reading ±1 digit
    • Resolution: 1 FPM or 0.01 m/s
  • Temperature (6813/6815):
    • Range: -30 to 100°C (-22 to 212°F)
    • Accuracy: ±0.3℃ ±0.2% of Reading
  • Relative Humidity (6815):
    • Range: 5.0 to 95.0 %RH
    • Accuracy: ±2.0 %RH
  • Optional USB, analog or RS232 output

Kanomax 6800 Digital Anemometer Series includes 3 different models, each with a variety of features. All 6800 series meters have a high accuracy of ±1.0% of reading, rugged metal probe and vane, long battery life, intuitive user-interface design and industrial grade enclosure and probe.

Two basic Kanomax 6800 probes are available, the 2.75" diameter AP275 or 1" diameter AP100. The larger AP275 has an ultra low speed sensitivity of 40fpm while the AP100 offers a compact sensor. Optional features on the Kanomax 6800 include an analog output and PC communication and a protective rubber boot.

The Kanomax 6812 digital anemometer is the base model in the series and measures air velocity. The meter offers high performance at low cost. Features include storage of up to 10 unique duct sizes and data display of minimum and maximum air volume capture. The Kanomax 6813 is capable of temperature measurement, -22 to 212°F as well as air velocity measurement. The Kanomax 6815 measures air velocity, temperature and relative humidity.

The Kanomax 6812 / 6813 / 6815 Digital anemometers ship complete with rotating vane probe head, choice of AP275 or AP100 probe, extension rod w/ handle grip, flexible rod, (3)AA 1.5V alkaline batteries operation manual and carrying case.

Applications for the Kanomax 681X Series Digital Anemometers

  • HVAC Ventilation and Balancing
  • IAQ Investigations
  • Industrial Hygiene Quality Control
  • Laboratory Control


Kanomax HTP202 Humidity and Temperature Probe
Kanomax HTP202 Humidity and Temperature Probe
Kanomax Air and Temperature Probes
Kanomax AP100/AP275 and APT100/PT275 Air & Temperature Probes


Kanomax 10052 Probe Cable
Kanomax 10052 Cable for AP100 & AP275 Probes
Kanomax 10059 Probe Cable
Kanomax 10059 Cable for APT100 & APT275 Probes


Please consider these optional accessories.

Kanomax 10227 Rubber Boot
Kanomax 10227 Rubber Boot
Kanomax 6810 Series Extension Rod
10-inch rigid or flexible extension rod for use with Kanomax models 6812, 6813 or 6815 anemometers
Kanomax 6810 Series Carrying Case
Kanomax 6810 Series Carrying Case

Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Data Logging Kanomax 6800 Anemometer Parameters

The Background: Our customer uses a Kanomax 6800 digital anemometer to conduct site analysis prior to the placement of wind turbines. He seeks a means of logging the parametric data he captures with the anaemometer.

The Problem: The 6800 series offers no data logging capabilities itself, but can provide an optional linear analog output for air speed, temperature and humidity. Unfortunately, Kanomax does not offer an accompanying data logger or recorder to capture the transmitted information.

The Solution: We offered a number of products that can can be used to log or record data from the Kanomax 6800. These include: