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  • Up to 6 channels w/ PG10 or 24 channels w/ PG20
  • True universal inputs
  • TFT touch screen display
    • PG10: 4.3in with 480x272 resolution
    • PG20: 5.6in with 640x480 resolution
  • 11 digit totalizer included with all models
  • 100 millisecond sample rate & data logging
  • 256MB internal flash memory
    • 16GB removable SD card
  • USB slot for external storage
  • High accuracy 24-bit A-D Analog Input
  • Plug & play I/O cards
    • AI, AO, DI, & DO for easy expansion
  • Front panel is IP65 rated and rear is IP20 rated
  • Convenient shutdown switch located inside front door
  • CE & RoHS listed
  • 2-year warranty


The Sixth Sense PG10 and PG20 paperless recorders are designed with a full range of outstanding specifications and features making them highly capable quality assurance instruments which can record all kinds of industrial signals-- such as temperature, pressure, flow, humidity—and display those values on a TFT touchscreen display. Data can also be stored internally or externally and be sent to other devices via Ethernet, RS-485, 422, 232 communication, or wireless Ethernet device PC-W.

The Sixth Sense PG10 is a value priced model with a 4.3" TFT wide touch screen display and up to 6 channels. The PG10 is an excellent choice for replacing 6-dotting chart recorders, and 1, 2, 3 pen recorders. The popular and more powerful PG20 offers a 5.6" TFT touch screen display and up to 24 channels. Both models have a fast 100 msec. sampling rate and are compatible with plug & play I/O cards (AI, AO, DI, DO) for easy expansion.

The Sixth Sense PG10 and PG20 paperless recorders include basic configuration and historical trends software which can be upgraded to Data Acquisition Studio software for complete data analysis. The firmware can also be upgraded to include math functions, external channels, custom display, batch, and FDA 21 CFR part 11.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

External Recorder for Digital Anemometer

The Background: Our customer uses a Kanomax 6800 digital anemometer to conduct site analysis prior to the placement of wind turbines. He seeks a means of logging the parametric data he captures with the anaemometer.

The Problem: The 6800 series offers no data logging capabilities itself, but can provide an optional linear analog output for air speed, temperature and humidity. Unfortunately, Kanomax does not offer an accompanying data logger or recorder to capture the transmitted information.

The Solution: We suggested the Sixth Sense PG10/PG20 paperless chart recorder which is designed with a full range of outstanding specifications and features making it a highly capable quality assurance instrument which can record all kinds of industrial signals. This provides all the data necessary for our customer to conduct his analysis.

Wastewater Monitoring

Background: Municipalities and industries must report effluent water quality parameters as well as flow rates and totals to local and state authorities at regular intervals.

Problem: Traditional paper based recording instrumentation normally provides only trend information of the various parameters monitored such as pH, dissolved oxygen and flow rates. Operators and facilities managers must spend additional time analyzing the charts to determine periodic minimum, maximum and average values as well as transcribing totalized flow from separate meters.

Solution: The Sixth Sense PG series videographic recorders provides a single panel mount or portable means to log critical effluent parameters required to maintain regulatory compliance. These recorders can automatically save data in encrypted and CSV formats to an SD flash memory card or USB thumb drive. With advanced math capabilities, the PG series can create daily, weekly or monthly reports of maximum, minimum and average values of all inputs. Totalizing a flow rate input is also a standard feature. For facilities that also require a paper copy of input trends, periodic totalized values as well as peak and valley events, the PG series recorders can automatically print the required information to a network or directly-connected printer.

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Part Number Analog Inputs Power Supply Communications Price Available
3 analog inputs
90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Standard Ethernet
$1,200.00 8 in stock
3 analog inputs
90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Standard Ethernet
$1,200.00 2 in stock
6 analog inputs
90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Standard Ethernet
$1,930.00 2 in stock
12 analog inputs
90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Standard Ethernet
$2,670.00 1 in stock

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