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  • CO2 ranges: 0 to 20%
  • O2 range: 0 to 21%
  • Accuracy: ±1/2%
  • Ambient temperatures range: -30° to 150°F
  • Maximum gas temperature: 850°F
  • Requires no complicated sequential test procedures
  • Easy to replace absorbing fluid


Bacharach Fyrite Classic Combustion Analyzers offer fast, easy and accurate measurements of carbon dioxide or oxygen without requiring complicated sequential test procedures. Employing the "Orsat" method of volumetric analysis, the Fyrite Classic uses reagents which are selective in the chemical absorption of carbon dioxide or oxygen providing concentration readings that are accurate to ±1/2%, well within the range required for industrial and professional applications.

The Bacharach Fyrite Classic is molded of clear high-strength plastic and contains top and bottom reservoirs and a double-seated plunger valve. The bottom reservoir of the Fyrite Classic is filled with the absorbing fluid. The unique feature of the Fyrite Classic is that the absorbing fluid is also used as the indicating fluid so that one vessel takes the place of both measuring burette and absorption pipette. The number of tests possible with one fluid charge depends on the concentration of samples being tested. At midpoint scale reading the CO2 fluid is good for approximately 300 gas samples and the O2 fluid for 100 tests. The need to replace fluid can be easily determined with a simple test, and replacement is an easy procedure on the Fyrite Classic.

A single O2 range, 0-21%, is available. Additionally, a duplex model with a CO2 range of 0-20% and an O2 range of 0-21% is available. The Bacharach Fyrite Classic can be exposed to ambient temperatures from -30° to 150°F, and gases up to 850°F may be tested with standard aspirator sampling equipment.


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