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  • Measuring ranges: 0-10, 0-100; 0–1000, 0-10,000 ppm ; 0-25; 0–100%
  • Accuracy : ±2% with constant temperatures, otherwise ± 5%
  • Sensor with long operating life
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Reverse voltage protection and temperature compensation
  • Resolution : 0.1ppm (< 100ppm); 1ppm (> 100ppm); 0.1% (all percent ranges)
  • Operating Temperature : 0-50°C
  • Signal output : 4 -20 mA/DC
  • Voltage : 10–35 VDC
  • Reverse voltage protection up to 40VDC
  • 6 digit, alphanumeric display with bar graph
  • Operating Pressure: 0.1-1bar
  • Oxygen Sensor : Micro-Fuel Cell


The Roscid Technologies OxyTrans is an accurate and economic process oxygen transmitter capable of measuring both trace and percent levels of oxygen. Utilizing 4–20mA loop powered, two-wire output, the OxyTrans meets industrial requirements for accuracy, sensitivity, ease of use and operating life.

The OxyTrans is easy to set up and calibrate. The 6 digit, alphanumeric display includes a bar graph for easy viewing of trends. It includes 4 user-selectable trace oxygen ranges (0-10 ppm, 0-100 ppm, 0-1,000 ppm and 0-10,000 ppm) and two percent ranges (0-25% and 0-100%). Accuracies to ±2% can be achieved for samples with a constant temperature, for applications with variable temperatures, accuracies of ±5% can be expected. Calibration of the OxyTrans for percent measurements can be done with air. For trace oxygen measurements in gas, calibrations should be done with a calibration gas.

The OxyTrans utilizes a flow-through measuring cell. The quality stainless steel construction of the transmitter ensures a long sensor life and modular design allows cells to be replaced easily. The electronics are protected with a quality IP65 rated enclosure. An ATEX explosion-proof enclosure is available.

Roscid Technologies OxyTrans Oxygen Transmitter Applications:

  • Semi conductor industry
  • Gas manufacturing
  • Metallurgical industries
  • Chemical industry
  • Heat treating and bright annealing