Roscid Technologies manufacturers and sells high level analyzing equipment for the gas and humidity markets. They offer wide variety of products that feature the ability to detect and measure levels of oxygen, carbon monoxide, and moisture with a high efficiency. Their flow through sensor allows for customers to re-calibrate and replace sensors without having to disconnect the unit from their system. read more

Roscid Technologies is located in Massachusetts.

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Roscid Technologies RO120 Humidity Probe
Precision transmitter for temperature and humidity with absolute or barometric pressure options available
Roscid Technologies OxyTrans Oxygen Transmitter
Accurate and economical process oxygen transmitter capable of measuring both trace and percent levels of oxygen
Roscid Technologies O2Tracer Oxygen Analyzer
4-20 mA loop powered two-wire oxygen transmitter
Roscid Technologies DCM28 Dew Point & CO Monitor
Designed for fast, accurate and economic measurement of CO and dew point in medical air applications
Roscid Technologies H-STAT Humidistat
Controls humidification and dehumidification in both residential and commercial HVAC applications
Roscid Technologies Adapter Board
Adapter board for RO120 humidity probe; RO120 sensor cable plugs into the board allowing the user to hard-wire to a terminal block
Roscid Technologies Sample Chamber
Sample chamber for use with RO120 humidity probe