• Pressure ranges: -1 to 2, -1 to 10, -1 to 2, 0 to 200, 0 to 350, 0 to 700 bar
  • 0.05% FS typ. / 0.1% FS max total accuracy
  • 0.5 sec measuring interval
  • 1 sec measuring interval with transmitter or pressure switch connected
  • 0 to 50°C operating temperature
  • 0 to 50°C compensated range
  • IP54 protection


Keller pressure calibrators are very precise instruments for the calibration of pressure transmitters, pressure switches and pressure gauges. Available in low, medium and high pressure models, these Keller pressure calibrators are accurate to ±0.05% FS. Low (-1 to 2 bar or -1 to 10 bar) and medium (-1 to 10 bar or -1 to 25 bar) pressure models are pneumatic while the high (0 to 200 bar, 0 to 350 bar or 0 to 700 bar) pressure model is hydraulic. The portable housing incorporates the pressure generating pump, a high precision reference sensor and measuring electronics.

The Keller pressure transmitter under test is connected to the pressure port of the calibrator and the signal is read out directly on the display. Various internal functions and performance features assist the user in many different measuring tasks. In addition, the serial interface allows the transfer of the measured data onto a PC for further processing. The Keller calibrator, including accessories, is supplied with a robust carrying case and is ideal for outdoor, on-site use.

To meet differing requirements, two basic versions of the Keller pressure calibrator are offered:

Keller Full-Version Pressure Calibrators

The Keller Full-Version of the calibrator is a complete, self-contained transmitter testing unit. With internal supplies for the transmitter and the calibrator itself, the self-contained instrument is always ready for use. For a variety of measuring and testing tasks, a wide selection of software functions are incorporated.

Keller Standard-Version Pressure Calibrators

The Keller Standard-Version is limited to the essential features for precision pressure generation only. For this simplified operation, this version does not include the integral transmitter supply, not the display of the transmitter signal. Thus it does not incorporate the PST and LIN functions.