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  • Universal – HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices
  • User upgradeable
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Interfaces with AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager
  • Graphical interface
  • 80 MHz Hitachi SH3 microprocessor
  • Bluetooth communication: 32.8 ft. (10m) max communication distance
  • 32 MB memory Internal Flash / RAM
  • Battery: rechargeable Lithium-Ion power module
    • 20 hours; continuous use
    • 40 hours; typical use
    • 80 hours; standby mode
  • 25 button key pad
  • 1/4 VGA (240 by 320 pixels) color, 3.5" transflective, touchscreen display

What's in the Box

  • Test lead set
  • Resource CD / DVD
  • Stylus (pack of two)
  • Multi-language manual
  • Carrying case with strap

The Emerson Process Management 475 Field Communicator establishes the new standard for handheld communicators. With a full-color user interface, powerful diagnostic capabilities, and fast start up and operating times, the 475 will power your experience and simplify your work in the field.

The 475 Field Communicator supports all HART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, and Wireless HART™ devices and allows you to upgrade your HART 475 Field Communicator onsite using the Internet.

Uses for the 475 HART Field Communicator include:

  • Configure field devices or perform diagnostics for effective troubleshooting in the field.
  • Create a quality segment
  • Detect power supply problems
  • Run valve diagnostics
  • Locate incorrect terminations and faulty devices without dragging a laptop into the plant.

The 475 is fully compatible with AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager. AMS Device Manager allows you to configure, calibrate, document, and troubleshoot HART®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, and Wireless HART® devices. Easily transfer device configurations between AMS Device Manager and the 475 via Bluetooth to ensure you are always looking at the most updated device information.

New HART® and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus devices, as well as updates to existing devices, are continually introduced by device vendors. With Easy Upgrade, you can keep your Emerson Process Management HART 475 Field Communicator updated with the most current Device Descriptions (DDs) for all the devices in your plant. Update at your site, get only what you need, and do it when it is convenient for you.


Emerson Hand Strap
Hand Strap (pack of 2) for 475 Field Communicator


Emerson Power Supply Cord
Power Supply/Charger Standard Cord Set (US/UK/EU cords) for 475 communicator
Emerson Australian Power Supply Cord
Australian (AU) cord for Power Supply/Charger for 475 communicator
Emerson Lithium-Ion Power Module
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Power Module for the 475 Field Communicator
In Stock
Emerson Power Supply & Charger
Power Supply & Charger (Li-ion/NiMH) US/UK/EU connection types included


Pelican Cases
Watertight, crushproof and dustproof cases for the ultimate in protection
Emerson Carrying Case
Carrying Case (with spare Hand Strap and Stylus) for 475 Field Communicator


Please consider these optional accessories.

Emerson 250 Ohm Load resistor
Ruggedized 250 Ohm Load Resistor for the 475 Field Communicator
In Stock
Emerson IrDA to USB Adapter
IrDA to USB Adapter for 475 Field Communicator
Emerson SD Card Reader
System Card (SD) Reader (with USB Interface) for 475 Field Communicator
Emerson Easy Upgrade (New/Renew)
New/Renew Easy Upgrade License via Web for 475 Field Communicator, only supported until Oct 1, 2020
Emerson Protective Rubber Boot
Protective Rubber Boot with Stand for 475 Field Communicator
Emerson Stylus Pack
Stylus (pack of 2) for 475 Field Communicator
Emerson Bluetooth Adapter
Bluetooth adapter for 475 Field Communicator
Emerson 475 Stand
Stand for 475 Field Communicator
Emerson Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide for 475 Field Communicator
Emerson 475 Field Accessory Kit
Protective rubber boot, 250Ω load resistor, magnetic hanger, and stylus 2-pack
Emerson 475 Shop Accessory Kit
Accessories that deliver even more productivity from your non-bluetooth 475 field communicator
Emerson TREX Lead Set
Lead set with connectors for Emerson TREX, 475, & 375 communicators
In Stock
Emerson 475 Shop Accessory Kit for Bluetooth
Bluetooth adapter, 250Ω load resistor, rubber boot, magnetic hanger, stylus (2), training CD, USB SD card reader, & resource DVD
Emerson Resource DVD
Lifetime technical support DVD for 475 Field Communicator