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  • Pulse-Echo mode for pit and flaw detection
  • Echo-Echo mode for eliminating paint & coating thickness
  • Velocity range: 0.0492 to 0.3936 inches/µs
  • Resoultion: 0.001 inch
  • Audible and visual alarm
  • RS232 output
  • Rugged sealed aluminum case
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Factory calibration to traceable national standards

What's in the Box

  • T-102-2700 transducer (5MHz, high damped)
  • Couplant
  • Manual
  • Carrying case
  • Calibration cert
  • AA Batteries

The Dakota MMX Series ultrasonic thickness gauges offer both versatility and convenience. Versatility is achieved by combining advanced features allowing users a greater degree of sophistication in thickness measurements. Convenience is demonstrated by making all these features available with just the touch of a button. Users can conveniently toggle between pulse-echo mode (to detect flaws & pits), and echo-echo mode (to eliminate paint & coating thickness), to cover all inspection requirements. The Dakota MMX Series ultrasonic thickness gauges use a highly damped dual element style transducer for both modes, eliminating the need to switch between transducer types. The Dakota MMX Series ultrasonic thickness gauges are packaged in an all aluminum sealed case, making them rugged and resistant to the working environment.

The Dakota MMX Series ultrasonic thickness gauges are available in three models.

Dakota MMX-6 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

The multi-mode Dakota MMX-6 ultrasonic thickness gauge has the ability to measure through painted or coated surfaces and eliminate the thickness of the paint using a dual element style transducer in echo-echo mode. It can also effectively find pits and flaws with the press of a single button. The Dakota MMX-6 ultrasonic thickness gauge has an audible and visual alarm mode. In alarm mode, the user can set a nominal thickness value. When measurements fall above or below the set nominal value, a red light and audible beeper is displayed and sounded. Equipped with an RS232 port out, the Dakota MMX-6 ultrasonic thickness gauge gives the user the ability to send measurements to an external data collection device or directly to a PC.

Dakota MMX-6DL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

The Dakota MMX-6DL ultrasonic thickness gauge has all the features of the MMX-6 plus an internal data logger that stores a total of 1000 readings in 10 files of 100 readings per file. This gives the user the ability to store, and download the stored measurements directly to a PC using the DakView software program. The software and transfer cable are included in the MMX-6DL kit.

Dakota MMX-7 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

The Dakota MMX-7 ultrasonic thickness gauge has all features of the MMX-6 with some additional features and advantages. Selectable display options are available including large digits and B-Scan which displays a cross section of the test material. It is commonly used to display the profile of the bottom surface of the test material. An internal data logger stores a total of 12,000 readings and waveforms. Up to 64 user custom definable setups can be stored in the Dakota MMX-7 ultrasonic thickness gauge. Factory setups are available for common applications. Selectable low, medium, and high gain settings offer the inspector multiple gain options a variety of materials.

Applications for the Dakota MMX Series Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
  • Corrosion and pitting
  • Tube and pipe
  • Tanks
  • Bailers
  • Glass
  • Variety of applications
Required Transducers
At least one transducer is required for this product
Dakota Ultrasonics Dual Element Transducers
Dual element transducers for Dakota Ultrasonics thickness gauges
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Please consider these optional accessories.
Dakota Ultrasonics Couplant
Acoustic couplant to apply to the sensor face to ensure a complete acoustic pathway between the sensor and material being measured
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In Stock
Dakota Ultrasonics X-000-0001 5 Step Calibration Block
5 step calibration block from 0.100 to 0.500 inch, made of 4340 steel
Dakota Ultrasonics X-000-0002 4 Step Calibration Block
4 step calibration block from 0.250 to 1.0 inch, made of 4340 steel
Dakota Ultrasonics Carrying Case
Wood carrying case for Dakota Ultrasonics calibration blocks
Dakota Ultrasonics UMX Underwater Enclosure
Clear Plexiglas enclosure rated for depths up to 300ft that works with MX-1, MX-2, MX-3, & MMX-6 thickness gauges