• High Speed Sampling at 8 samples per second
  • 5.6in active matrix TFT touchscreen color display
  • Uses 2GB compact flash card for storage
  • Optional RS-232C comm port connects up to 31 units
  • 15-Channel Recording Capability
  • Two-Year Warranty


The Monarch DataChart 2000 is a reliable, flexible paperless recorder loaded with features, making it the perfect instrument for a wide range of applications.

The DataChart 2000 has 2, 4, 6 or 12 direct universal isolated inputs that are menu selectable for DC voltage, DC current and thermocouples. The intuitive touchscreen control provides fast, easy set up and operation. A brilliant 5.6in active matrix TFT color display is the largest in it's class with viewability that is second to none. A super bright blue monochromatic display is also available if an more economical solution in needed. There are more than 20 display modes to choose from. This gives you unparalleled flexibility to view only the data you need to see in virtually any format.

The DataChart 2000 has a measurement rate of up to 8 samples per second for 1 channel making the unit deal for recording process signals that change quickly such as pressure. Sample rates are user selectable and range up to 10 minutes. The data is stored in non-volatile internal RAM and downloaded to removable media automatically on a preset basis or on demand.

The DataChart 2000 is available with communication options that offer great flexibility in accessing data or controlling the DC2000. Data can be accessed and downloaded over a standard phone line using the RS232C option and a modem. The RS485 MODBUS option will allow the DC2000 to be installed into an existing MODBUS network, or you can connect up to thirty one recorders in series.