• Non-contact AC Current measurement
  • Range: 200mA to 1000A
  • Locates current flow even where voltage detectors cannot work
  • Detects through shielded wires, conduit and metal circuit breaker or junction boxes
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Ideal for locating hidden conductors
  • Complete with small size pocket clip and four LR44 button batteries

What's in the Box

  • Small pocket clip
  • 4 LR44 button batteries


The Extech DA30 current detector is a handheld device for non-contact detection of AC currents from 200mA to 1000A.

The Extech DA30 current detector is ideal for locating hidden conductors and has the ability to locate current flow where voltage detectors cannot work. The Extech DA30 current detector can detect through shielded wires, conduit, metal circuit breakers and junction boxes. The sensitivity level may be adjusted for locating wires/conduit through walls.

The Extech DA30 current detector features both audible and visible indicators for ease of use.

Applications for the Extech DA30 Current Detector:

  • Locates wires in conduit
  • Identify underground cables
  • Trace low voltage HVAC wiring
  • Detect leakage currents
  • Find hidden wiring
  • Verify energized AC solenoid and motors