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The Panametrics TMO2D Display / Module enhances the performance and operation of transmitters such as the XMO2, XMTC or O2X1. It provides a two-line x 24-character backlit LCD display, display and option programming via keyboard, recorder outputs, alarm relays, and relays for driving sample system solenoids for automatic zero and span calibration, as well as a 24 VDC power supply for the transmitter. The TMO2D also provides microprocessor based oxygen signal compensation for improved accuracy for the TMO2 transmitter.

The TMO2D provides long-term, hands-off operation with this optional feature. When initiated, the TMO2D controls solenoid valves in the sample system to bring zero and span gases to the transmitter. Then TMO2D software compares the calibration gas readings with factory data to verify proper calibration. If an adjustment is necessary, the TMO2D makes corrections automatically and notifies the user via the front panel display and alarm contacts.