The Druck Sensor Termination Enclosure is a compact and rugged enclosure providing simple field termination for vented gauge pressure transducers and transmitters. An integral micro filter assembly permits barometric reference while providing an effective barrier against ingress of dust.

A field replaceable DRI-CAN desiccant module is attached to the internal face of the Druck sensor termination enclosure. This module attracts water vapor, condenses it, and retains it through surface absorption and capillary condensation. The module is easily accessible once the cover is removed, and no tools are required for its replacement. The Druck sensor termination enclosure's moisture status indicator, which is clearly visible externally, alerts the user when replacement of the desiccant module is necessary.

The NEMA 4X Druck sensor termination enclosure is custom designed for outdoor installation and protects against corrosion, windblown dust and rain, splashing and hose directed water. The enclosure is manufactured from PVC/polycarbonate which results in a lightweight and highly impact resistant construction. The design of the termination enclosure includes rounded corners for durability and safety and easy access to terminal connections.

This part has previously been the following part numbers:

  • 202-034-02
  • 202-034-03
  • 202-034-04