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  • Ranges as low as 3ftH2O (1psi)
    • Call us for custom ranges as high as 1968ftH2O
  • Gauge or absolute pressures
  • ±0.10% FS BSL accuracy standard
    • ±0.06% FS BSL option available
  • Fully welded 17.5mm diameter titanium construction
  • PTX output is 4-20mA, proportional for 0 to FS pressure
  • PDCR output is 25mV (for 3ftH2O range)
    • 50mV (for 5 and 10ftH2O ranges)
    • 100mV (for 20ftH2O and above)
  • ±0.1% FS per year long-term stability
  • Temperature compensated from -2 to 30°C (28 to 86°F)
  • ±0.3% FS Temperature Error Band (TEB) (≥10ftH2O)
  • Vented polyurethane or Hytrel cable
  • ATEX/IECEx Intrinsic Safety approval (optional)
  • Lightning surge arrestor (optional)


The Druck 1800 series pressure transmitters are fully submersible, high performance sensor with millivolt or milliamp output for measuring hydrostatic liquid levels. Incorporating many enhanced features, the 1800 series is specifically designed for level and depth measurements in a variety of environments: groundwater, well water, wastewater, seawater, canals, rivers, and other similar applications.

The 1800 series has ranges from 3 ftH2O or 1 psi with a standard accuracy of ±0.10% FS BSL with ±0.06% FS BSL accuracy available. The micro-machined silicon element is sealed within an all-titanium pressure module assembly, fully isolated from the pressure media. This is contained in a slimline, welded titanium body, terminated in an injection molded cable assembly available with polypropylene or Hytrel cable. The cable features a Kevlar® strain cord and is IP68 rated for indefinite immersion in 700 mH2O.

The Druck 1800 series pressure transmitters are designed for easy installation and include a number of options and features to tailor them to your particular application. The combination of a high technology sensor, together with advanced signal conditioning and packaging techniques, provides an ideal long term solution for reliable, accurate and economical level measurements.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Versatile Level Transmitter for a Range of Municipal Applications

The Background: Our customer is an engineering firm that typically works on municipal projects involving lift stations, retention ponds, streams and reservoirs. They seek a level transmitter that has the accuracy, dependability and versatility to serve as their “go-to” level transmitter for the wide range of projects on which they work.

The Problem: The customer is not seeking a level transmitter for a particular application but, rather, a product that can be used across numerous projects with which they are involved. Their ideal level transmitter will be available with a multitude of configurations as some of their projects require milliamp output, some require millivolt outputs, some require better accuracy, some require lightning protection, and some require Intrinsically Safe approvals.

The Solution: The GE Druck 1800 series provide that multitude of configurations as well as custom ranges and cable lengths. The 1800 series is also available with a range of accessories that allow our customer to design complete systems for the municipalities.