• Self-contained, high accuracy handheld thermometer
  • Complete system suitable for on-site measurements/calibrations
  • Temperature range -200°C to 850°C
  • System accuracies better than 0.0035°C over the full operating range
  • Display °C, °F, K (Kelvin) or ohms
  • Dual inputs measuring PRTs & thermistors single or differential measurement
  • Internal logging, software and USB communication
  • Statistical analysis-average, max/min and standard deviation
  • Common inputs for “SMART” & normal PT100 & Thermistor probes


The ASL F100 precision thermometer can handle all your needs with accuracies and resolutions normally associated with a bench top thermometer. The ASL F100 precision thermometer features two inputs, giving you direct temperatures from Pt100 or Thermistor probes or displaying the temperature difference.

With the ASL F100 precision thermometer, you can log measurements directly to memory or, if you prefer, use the USB port to control and data log with your PC. The ASL F100 precision thermometer will display for you a statistical analysis of your measurements with average value, min values, max values, and standard deviation. Because ASL F100 precision thermometers will display in ohms (Ω) as well as temperature, you can even calibrate one probe against another.

Most instruments require you to enter calibrated probe data into memory to optimize measurement accuracy, which can mean a lot of data entering if you change probes regularly. With ASL's SMART connector on your probes, you only need to store the data once - in the connector! The calibration data stays with the probe - permanently. You can even use it on another ASL F100 precision thermometer without any further action. The SMART connector saves you time and reduces error. If you have existing calibrated or uncalibrated probes, no problem, the ASL F100 precision thermometer automatically registers if a probe is SMART or normal.