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  • -328 to 1763°F (-200 to 962°C) temp range
  • High, long term stability
    • Less than 0.005°C per year
  • Dual inputs measuring PRTs and thermistors
    • Single of differential measurement
  • Display a statistical analysis of measurements
    • Average, min/max, & standard deviation


The WIKA CTH7000 precision thermometer (formerly the ASL F100) is a reference instrument for testing, adjusting and calibrating temperature measuring instruments in factories and calibration laboratories.

The CTH7000 can handle all needs, with accuracy and resolutions normally associated with a bench top thermometer. Two inputs give direct temperatures from Pt100 or thermistor probes or can display the temperature difference between them. Measurements can be logged directly to memory or, use the USB port to control and data log with the PC.

Because the CTH7000 will display in ohms as well as temperature, it can even be used to calibrate one probe against another. Most instruments require to enter calibrated probe data into memory to optimize measurement accuracy, which can mean a lot of data entering if you change probes regularly.

With ASL's SMART connector on the probes, you only need to store the data once - in the connector! The calibration data stays with the probe - permanently. The probe can even be used on another CTH7000 without any further action. The SMART connector saves time and reduces error. If you have existing calibrated or uncalibrated probes, no problem, CTH7000 automatically registers if a probe is SMART or normal.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Verifying Liquid Bath Temperatures Before Calibration

The Background: Our customer is a medical laboratory that uses a number of temperature specific devices to incubate, sterilize and refrigerate samples and devices. They need a means of improving the accuracy of their calibrations.

The Problem: The lab uses a water bath to calibrate the sensors which keep the lab’s temperature-specific instruments accurate. Over time, the accuracy of the water bath has fallen out of the specification required to comply with standards for the medical industry. The need a way to verify the temperature of the water bath.

The Solution: We recommended the WIKA CTH7000 precision thermometer with a 3mm PT100 probe calibrated to a range of range of -50 to 200°C. This provides an accuracy of 0.03°C, allowing the customer to achieve the best accuracy of their liquid bath while calibrating medical devices.