AEMC 6500 series megohmmeters are full-featured, handheld insulation testers / megohmmeters with test voltages ranging from 50 to 1000 volts and capable of measuring resistance from 4 to 200 GΩ (all ranges are model dependent). The 6500 series is ideal for a range of applications including industrial maintenance, telecom, electronics, equipment installation and others.

The AEMC 6500 series megohmmeters are rugged and weather resistant. They are designed to perform accurately and reliably. All models include a backlit digital display with bar graph for easy viewing of test results. Battery power provides the ultimate in portability.

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AEMC Model 6527 Digital Megohmmeter
Specially designed for testing installations and equipment up to 1000V
AEMC Model 6524 1000V Megohmmeter
True megohmmeter, 1 kV insulation and multi-function test, resistance, continuity, frequency and voltage tests
AEMC Model 6526 1000V Megohmmeters
Resistance, capacitance, continuity, frequency and voltage tests, 1 kV insulation, true megohmmeter
AEMC Model 6522 1000V Megohmmeter
True Megohmmeter, 1 kV Insulation and Continuity Tester, 250V/500V/1000V Insulation Test Voltages
AEMC Model 6532 100V Megohmmeter
Resistance, capacitance, continuity, frequency, voltage and line length tests, 50V and 100V insulation test voltages
AEMC Model 6536 Megohmmeter
50V and 100V insulation test voltages, 20GΩ max insulation resistance, continuity tests at 20mA or 200mA