Home inspection and restoration requires a pretty significant tool kit to fully scrutinize all the systems found in an average dwelling. Such inspections may require a full audit of the building envelope, HVAC systems, and electrical systems which may necessitate a range of tools from simple electrical testers, capable of detecting voltage or continuity, to highly sophisticated thermal imagers which can identify areas of moisture intrusion or substandard thermal insulation.

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Delmhorst BD-2100 Moisture Meter
Pin-type moisture meter with an adjustable alarm optimized for measuring moisture content in a variety of different building materials
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Horiba IG Series Gloss Checkers
High-precision IG-320 and high-efficiency IG-331 gloss checkers
$885.00 to $1,203.00
Edgetech RH CAL Portable Relative Humidity Calibrator
Portable, NIST traceable chilled mirror calibration chamber for relative humidity, temperature, and dew point
Dwyer SM-100 Digital Sound Meter
Measures noise levels from 30 to 130 dB, ±1.5 dB accuracy and frequency of 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz
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Dwyer EMMA Environmental Monitor
Combines humidity, temperature, air velocity, air flow, sound and light measurements into one easy to use instrument
Delmhorst BD-10 Moisture Meter
Pin-type moisture meter with an easy to view analog display for measuring moisture content in building materials
Delmhorst Navigator Pro Moisture Meter
Easy to use 3-in-1 meter offers pin mode, scan mode, and a thermo-hygrometer in a single handheld moisture meter
Dwyer MW-1 Wind Meter
Pocket wind meter measures wind speeds up to 65 mph as well as temperature
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Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter
Easy-to-use meter with pin mode and scan mode designed with simplicity in mind, helping to make even the most demanding job simple
Delmhorst RDM-3 Moisture Meter
Precision moisture meter is ideal for anyone who needs to collect and analyze key statistical information for the moisture content in wood and lumber products
Delmhorst ProScan Moisture Meter
Pinless moisture meter provides precise, non-destructive testing for building materials such as wood, drywall, siding, tile and plaster
Dwyer 8901 Thermo-Anemometer
Vane anemometer is ideal for balancing air conditioning and heating ducts or checking the operation of fans and blowers
Dwyer 89088 Wind Meter
Pocket-sized vane anemometer measures wind speed, wind chill and temperature
Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter
3-in-1 meter with data logger function measures and tests for moisture by pin and scan modes and features a removable thermo-hygrometer attachment
Delmhorst J-4 Moisture Meter
Pin-type analog moisture meter is a tried and true solution for installers, woodworkers, and small shops
Delmhorst QuickNav Moisture Meter
Easy to use 3-in-1 meter offers pin mode, scan mode, and a thermo-hygrometer in a single handheld unit
Dwyer 8904 Thermo-Anemometer
Integral vane thermo-anemometer simultaneously measures air velocity and temperature
Dwyer MVA Thermo-Anemometer
Mini vane thermo-anemometer measures air flow and temperature with optional humidity measurement
Dwyer CM-3 Clamp Meter
Low cost, True RMS digital clamp meter measures AC and DC voltage to 600 V, AC current to 400 A, and active power range
Dwyer MM-2 Multimeter
Compact, low cost digital auto-ranging multimeter with True RMS for general electrical testing and troubleshooting
Delmhorst TechScan Moisture Meter
Pinless analog moisture meter make it easy to find moisture "hot spots" and narrow down areas affected by moisture
Dwyer 450A-1 Carbon Monoxide Meter
Digital pocket size carbon monoxide meter measures up to 999 ppm and includes an audible alarm
Dwyer MM-1 Multimeter
Compact, low cost digital auto-ranging multimeter measures DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, frequency, and capacitance
Dwyer 9671 Thermo-Anemometer
Vane style thermo-anemometer measures wind speed and volume as well as relative humidity, wet bulb temperature, dew point and BTU capacity
Dwyer ANE-1 Anemometer
Connects easily to any manometer or applicable pressure sensing device to measure a wide velocity range
Dwyer PM-1 Multimeter
Pen style multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, diode, and frequency
Dwyer PM-2 Multimeter
Pen style multimeter measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency and phase rotation
Dwyer DDM Distance Meter
Laser distance meter up to 70 Meters using a Class II Laser
E+E Omniport 30 Multi Function Monitor
Handheld, continuous and single-point data logging, 23 parameters, capacitive TFT touch-screen
E+E EE03 OEM Humidity / Temperature Module
OEM applications, digital two wire output, interchangeable plug-in design, traceable calibration