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  • 9x6x4in ABS enclosure
  • 103dB at 2ft buzzer volume
  • 10A load for connected pumps
  • 120VAC voltage
  • IP65 ingress rating
  • RS485 and 4-20mA outputs
  • Probe sold separately

What's in the Box

  • pH Controller Alarm
  • 10ft SJOOW electrical cord
  • 6in pigtail cord for pump connections
  • Optional BNC connection


Gizmo Engineering pH controller with alarm is a rugged, waterproof device designed to monitor pH in wastewater treatment applications and produce an alarm when the pH level leaves a set range. The pH controller with alarm features separate control points for the high pH control pump, the low pH control pump, high alarm, and low alarm. The pH controller's alarm function consists of an LED stack light with three colors to show pH and pump status, and a 103dB buzzer to alert the user when the pH is out of range.

Buttons on the outside of the enclosure allow for easy setup, calibration, general operation, and the ability to activate pumps manually. Two buttons on the side of the controller allow the user to activate connected pumps manually for the purpose of pump calibration, priming, and drum emptying. 

The Gizmo Engineering pH controller is also available with a BNC connection for systems that me require it. The BNC connection is not recommended for corrosive environments as it may cause corrosion that can interfere with measurement accuracy.