• 115-960-110
  • Usually ships in 4-6 weeks



  • RotoArray ComPAct Roller Probe:
  • 64 elements for inspection
  • Max aperture of 32 elements
  • 5-70V pulser voltage
  • 50-3000Hz PRF
  • 5MHz frequency range
  • 0-70dB gain range
  • 2-40mm display range (steel)
  • 3 Gates (1 for IF-start)
  • USB probe connector
  • 2.5W max power consumption
  • 1 axis encoder
  • 0-50°C operating temperature range

What's in the Box

  • RotoArray comPAct 5MHz 64el (115-960-100)
  • Transport case for RotoArray ComPAct (173M8399)
  • Propylene Glycol, 1qt bottle (111-200-559)
  • Refill Set RotoArray 0.2L (171M9035)
  • Spray Bottle 0.25L (173M0884) (for water to use as couplant)
  • Hex Socket Set (173M0877) (for filling and repairing RotoArray)


The Waygate RotoArray comPAct Roller Probe is Waygate Technologies’ premiere instrument run with comPAct. There is no additional phased array instrumentation required, as the patented technology of comPAct provides everything needed in a thumb-sized chip, greatly reducing volume and power usage. The RotoArray comPAct offers the full range of a complete phased array inspection system through a single probe, allowing for further financial savings without loss of functionality. All the RotoArray comPAct needs is a USB connection to any windows-based1 tablet or laptop to operate the probe and display inspection results. The user can then share and store inspection data via the connected device's WIFI capabilities.

With the Mentor UT-based application, this system is entry-level user-friendly, guiding the operator through the entire system set-up, calibration and the manual phased array inspection process. With a streamlined navigation system, preconfigured settings can also be easily selected. 

The RotoArray comPAct is designed for large area inspection, with improved probability of detection for composite materials in various industries. With the portable nature of the RotoArray comPAct's design, new doors are open for inspection of wind turbine plates, helicopter blades, aircraft skins, aluminum plates and more.

1. Tablet must be purchased separately. Minimum system requirements for Windows-enabled devices:

  • OS: 10 or 11
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Graphical Card: Intel UHD or similar