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  • 475 to 1,700°C (887 to 3,092°F) temperature range
  • 320 x 240px optical resolution
  • 3.9μm spectral range
  • Optical resolution:
    • Ethernet: 320 x 240px @ 30Hz
    • USB: 320 x 240px @ 5Hz
  • 320 x 240px @ 1.7Hz frame rate, autonomous operation
  • ±2% accuracy
  • Fast Ethernet / USB 2.0 / RS485 PC interfaces
  • 1x analog output (0/4-20mA) / 1x input (analog or digital); electrically isolated
  • 5 to 30VDC / PoE / USB power supply
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What's in the Box

  • USB cable (1m)
  • Ethernet / PoE cable (1m)
  • Cable for output/input (1m)
  • Mounting bracket with tripod thread, mounting nut
  • Optris PIX Connect software


The Optris Xi410 MT High Temperature Infrared Camera provides accurate temperature measurement through flames to monitor workpieces inside furnaces, to measure inside chemical reactors or to observe brick temperature in combustion chambers. The small, rugged camera comes with motorized focus and operates autonomously, with auto hot spot finder and direct analog or alarm output, ideal for OEM use. Software with analysis features and web server capability is included.

The Xi410 MT calculates surface temperature based on the emitted infrared energy of objects. The two-dimensional detector (FPA - focal plane array) allows a measurement of an area and will be shown as a thermal image using standardized palettes. The radiometric processing of the picture data enables the user to do a detailed analysis with the included PIX Connect software.

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$4,995.00 2 in stock
$4,995.00 2 in stock
$4,995.00 2 in stock
$4,995.00 2 in stock

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