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  • 0 to 14 pH measuring range
  • 5 to 275°F (-15 to 135°C) process temperature
  • Max 160 psi at 212°F (11 bar abs at 100°C) process pressure
  • Inductive, contactless connection head
  • Break-resistant
  • Refillable KCI liquid electrolyte
  • Sterilizable and autoclavable
  • IP68 protection
  • ATEX, IECEx, and CSA C/US approvals


The E+H Memosens CPS47E pH sensor is designed with liquid KCl reference for media with low conductivity or high organic load. Constant refilling of the KCl bridge electrolyte and separate reference lead prevent poisoning ions from entering the electrode. The CPS47E measures accurately even in applications with fast-changing media, and it features a non-glass PEEK body.

Memosens 2.0 digital technology allows the pH sensor to resist moisture and enable lab calibration, increasing process safety and simplifying operation. It also offers extended storage of calibration and process data, enabling better trend identification and providing a future-proof basis for predictive maintenance and enhanced IIoT services.

Memosens CPS47E pH sensor applications:

  • Chemical industry, measurement of media prone to clogging
  • Power plants
  • Life sciences





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