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  • Measuring parameters (through Memosens sensors)
    • pH
    • ORP
    • pH/ORP combination sensors
    • Conductive conductivity
    • Inductive conductivity
    • Dissolved oxygen (optical/amperometric)
    • Temperature
  • IP66 ingres protection


The E+H Liquiline CML18 enables you to check any measuring point in your plant with Memosens sensors with inductive coupling. Using the identical sensors as already installed at the fixed measuring points in your process guarantees full data consistency between your measurements. Through secure Bluetooth connection you can transfer all sensor data and measured values to your tablets or smartphones which makes documentation, sensor adjustment and data transfer safe and effortless.

The CML18 was designed for:

  • Life science
  • Chemical industry
  • Water and wastewater
  • Food and beverages
  • Power stations
  • Other industrial applications