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  • 0 to 14 pH measuring range
  • 5 to 275°F (-15 to 135°C) process temperature
  • Max 160 psi at 212 °F (11 bar abs at 100 °C) process pressure
  • Stabilized gel reference system
  • Inductive, contactless connection head
  • Break-resistant
  • Sterilizable and autoclavable
  • IP68 ingress protection
  • ATEX, IECEx, and CSA C / US approvals


The E+H Memosens CPS77E pH sensor is designed for hygienic applications. Its bacteria-proof reference with highly stable gel guarantees reliable measurements. The CPS77E features an unbreakable PEEK sensor body, and is suitable for hot steam sterilization and autoclaving.

The CPS77E features Memosens 2.0 digital technology, offering extended storage of calibration and process data enabling better trend identification and providing a future-proof basis for predictive maintenance and enhanced IIoT services. The sensor's non-contact inductive signal transmission allows resistance to moisture and corrosion and enables lab calibration, enhancing process integrity and increasing process uptime. The sensor's ISFET technology is not sensitive to temperature variations and shows virtually no acid or alkaline errors, allowing for long calibration intervals.

    Memosens CPS77E pH sensor applications:

    • Bioreactor/fermenter
    • Biotechnology
    • Food industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry

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