• ADT282
  • Usually ships in 2-3 weeks



  • 1mk temperature resolution
  • 0.1mΩ/0.1uV electrical measurement resolution
  • Accuracy to 0.006°C at 0°C
  • RTD and TC inputs
  • Smart style probe connections
  • Bluetooth and USB communications
  • Datalogging function
  • Large touchscreen interface
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • IP67 rated

What's in the Box

  • Additel ADT282 reference thermometer
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable type A to type C
  • Chargeable Li-ion battery
  • NVLAP ISO 17025 accredited calibration certificate with data


The Additel ADT282 dual-channel reference thermometer supports stability and uniformity testing of liquid temperature baths, thermocouple calibration furnaces, and dry well calibrators. The highly accurate dual channels of the ADT282 support deviation and uniformity studies.

The ADT282 includes dual inputs which provide support for a multitude of resistive type sensors (RTD’s) as well as thermocouples (TC’s). Both channels can be displayed simultaneously which allows for comparison measurements and a host of other statistical analysis capabilities. And the ADT282 allows for easy differential measurement selection for T1-T2.

The ADT282 utilizes a ratio measurement technology which provides great performance in stability and drift. In order to ensure a very small temperature drift coefficient and reliable long-term stability, the ADT282 uses current reversal techniques to cancel EMF effects and a ratio technology to cancel the A/D converter offset.

The ADT282 has been configured with smart connection ports for probes. Both channels on top of the ADT282 utilize 6 pin Lemo style smart connectors for RTD probes and mini-TC ports for thermocouple probes. The thermocouple connection points utilize an imbedded temperature sensor which allows for both internal and external cold junction compensation. With the smart probe connectors, the ADT282 utilizes a user-selectable probe lock feature to pair the probe with the channel it was calibrated with in a system calibration.

The ADT282 features a built-in temperature sensor library that includes ITS-90, CVD, Standard TC,13 types of industrial RTDs and 15 types of industrial thermocouples, and also supports sensor customization. The user can edit the probe coefficients according to the ITS-90, CVD formulas and the R0 parameter of the industrial RTDs. The extensive probe library capabilities also support coefficient input methods for standard thermocouple types.