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  • 6 virtual inputs and 6 virtual outputs
  • 6 relay control outputs
  • 4-20mA dual analog input option
  • Sensor types include
    • pH
    • ORP
    • Conductivity
    • Disinfection
    • PTSA
  • Ethernet option for remote access


The Walchem Intuition-6 Series flow controller has a large display with icon based programming. The display can be used for on-screen and web page graphing of sensor values and to control output status or access that data remotely. There is also the ability to email alarm messages, datalogging reports, graphs, or system summary reports. The universal sensor input provides versatility as the same controller can be used with almost any type of sensor. The combination sensor input and analog input board option adds even more flexibility.

The Intuition-6 offers lead/lag control of six relays and optional dual analog (4-20 mA) input for fluorometers or nearly any other process value. Six virtual inputs and six virtual outputs allow the controller to be used in multiple applications.

The Walchem Intuition-6 Series Flow Controller with amperometric chlorine sensors can be used for reporting chlorine residual measurements in accordance with EPA Method 334.0.