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  • Temperature measuring ranges:
    • T12-S/SE: -200 to 246 °C (-328 to 475°F)
    • T12/E: -200 to 800°C (-328 to 1472°F)
  • Resistance:
    • T12-S/SE: 1 to 194Ω
    • T12/E: 1 to 380 Ω
  • Accuracy (at 23°C):
    • T12: ≤±2mK
    • T12-S: ≤±5mK
    • T12-SE: ≤±20mK
    • T12-E: ≤±20mK
  • 0.12mK resolution for all models
  • Platinum resistance thermometer (PRT), 4-wire shielded input
  • Bi-directional RS-232 digital I/O

What's in the Box

  • PC software
  • Serial cable
  • USB adapter
  • Transport case


The MBW Calibration T12 thermometer is a precise and stable platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) multi-channel temperature measurement system. Based on a high precision resistance bridge and 22 bit analog to digital converter and multiplexor sampling, the T12 provides twelve channels of low uncertainty temperature data.

Using one of three user selectable current settings, the T12 scans all 12 channels in a continuous cycle. Utilizing current reversal in every measurement cycle, polarity related errors inherent with DC measuring techniques are eliminated, and precision is optimized with the included high stability internal reference resistors.

The T12 is used in conjunction with the MBW 473 and 973 hygrometers to provide temperature profiling.


  • Climatic chamber validation
  • Temperature calibration
  • Energy performance testing
  • Sensor production calibration systems